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AO23 OverLander Series

Spacers with Hardware Packs

Spacers with Hardware Packs

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Bolt lengths vary depending on model. Use the provided 5/32" short arm hex key to install. In some cases, certain combinations of footpads and bumpers require an additional 1/16-1/8 of threading. Contact us for guidance as needed.

For both OG and Owl models, the provided bolt lengths are as follows. Washers are included. Owl Hybrid orders come with the hardware necessary to install on either XR or GT and a set of spacers for use on a GT with FM Stock Bumpers.

  • XR - FM Stock Bumpers: 10-32 7/8"
  • XR - TFL BANG Bumpers: 10-32 1-1/8"
  • GT - FM Stock Bumpers: 10-32 1-3/8" 
  • GT - TFL BANG Bumpers: 10-32 1-3/8"
  • GT - LS Bash Bumpers: 10-32 1-3/8"


Made of PETG, these spacers must be installed with OverLander Lifters for a solid mount to the following bumpers:

  • Future Motion Stock Bumpers for GT (corresponding count included in all orders for GT Lifters)
  • The Float Life BANG Bumpers for XR (3D Print Files)
  • The Float Life BANG Bumpers for GT (3D Print Files)
  • LandSurf Bash Bumpers for GT (3D Print Files)

Grip Tape

OG Lifter orders come with a strip of grip tape per Lifter, to be applied to the vertical wall where the sole of your shoe would abut the metal. This is should be the last component to be installed.

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