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(NEW) Owl Lifters for Onewheel™

(NEW) Owl Lifters for Onewheel™

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Best Foot Holds for Confident and Controlled Onewheel™ Rides

The OWL Lifters are the perfect Onewheel™ Foot Hooks for both off-road and asphalt riding, providing a comfortable and responsive ride regardless of terrain. Made from lightweight and durable Titanium, they offer unmatched durability, flexibility, and style. With half the weight of traditional aluminum lifters and a clean release design for safe bailouts, the OWL Lifters are the ultimate accessory upgrade for any Onewheel™ enthusiast.

Overlander Patented Footholds

Our patented footholds are designed to offer an athletic wider stance and added leverage, allowing you to perform high-speed maneuvers, massive jumps, effortless nudges, and banked carves with ease. Covered by a 10-year warranty, you never need to worry about a gear failure stopping your adventure when you ride with the lightest and strongest Onewheel™ Footholds known to riders worldwide.

Overlander OWL Lifters for Onewheel™  Key Features:

✓ Patented Product with 10-year warranty

✓ Lightest & Strongest Foot holds available

✓ Created with Durable Grade 5 Titanium Material

✓ Half the Weight of OG Titanium Lifters

✓ Clean Release Safe Bailout Design

✓ Increased Control and Stability

✓ Promotes a Controlled, Wider Stance

✓ Tool Free Slip Grip Installation

✓ Made in the USA with high-quality materials and craftsmanship

✓ Easy installation and removal (4 bolts, no board modification)

✓ Various size models available for various footpads

    Included with Overlander OWL Lifters for Onewheel™

    • Left & Right Titanium OWL Lifters
    • TPU Slip Grips (color request available)
    • Mounting Hardware
    • Board-specific Spacers
    • Bumper-specific Spacers (please indicate in notes if non-stock)
    • Stainless Steel Hardware

    Installing Overlander OWL Lifters for Onewheel™

    Access installation tutorial here.

    Note: OWL Lifters may differ in appearance versus what is shown (e.g., shade, shine, etc.)

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