Taylor Kelly



Taylor's Lifter System
  • ORL Ranking

    Taylor is planning on racing in several ORL sanctioned events in 2024, after taking a year off of Racing to focus on her career and empowering women through Drift Sisters.

  • For The Community

    Taylor is one of the Co-Founders and CMO of Drift Sisters, and organization founded to support growth and education for the female & femme community members in our sport.

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Meet Taylor, aka @taylor_ontheonewheel, with 6,000+ mostly mountainous miles under her wheel since 2018. Raised in Michigan and now thriving in the Colorado mountains, Taylor, a lifelong snowboarder, discovered the thrill of Onewheel racing in 2019 at Race for the Rail. As one of the co-founders of Drift Sisters, dedicated to empowering women to shred Onewheels, Taylor is not just a racer but a barrier-breaker. A proud supporter of OverLander Lifters since testing the first prototypes, she's often found conquering gnarly mountainside single tracks, soaking in breathtaking views, or commandeering an out-of-service ski lift's power box for a quick charge. While Taylor's heart and time have been heavily dedicated to Drift Sisters, she's gearing up for a qualifying lap in '24